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EMPLOYEES: SECC AB 506 Compliance in our Churches

California law AB 506 (codified as Section 18975 of the CA Business & Professions Code) requires the following:

  • All SECC Employees must complete the Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training and be Live Scanned.


Requirements to Know

  • All SECC Administrators, Employees, and “Regular Volunteers” must complete the following:
    • (1) Training in Mandated Reporting
    • (2) Live Scan Fingerprinted Background Check
  • Two Adult Rule

Training Requirements

  • Training Topics: Child Abuse & Neglect Identification & Mandated Reporting
  • Where To Get the Training
    • Https://mandatedreporterca.com
    • General Training (2 hours) - Conference office staff, locally funded church employees (non-pastoral)
    • Clergy (3 hours) – pastors and ministry coordinators
  • How Often
    • Repeated and completed every two (2) years
    • Submit Certificate of Completion to SECC HR Department
    • *Please note that the General Training is no longer a “one time requirement” and must be taken each time a certificate is renewed.

Live Scan Background Check

  • Complete the “Request for Live Scan Service” Form
  • Download the Certifix Account Flyer.
    • The flyer will contain specific instructions or a code that the Live Scan location will use for billing.
  • Fees (FBI Check $17 employees + Vendor Rolling Fees $25-$35 typically. DOJ fee should be waived).
    • Conference funded employees - costs paid by SECC
    • Locally funded employees – costs paid up front by SECC, then billed out to local churches
  • Only has to be done once.
  • If driving any church members or children as part of duties
    • Must request a Motor Vehicle Report check through Sterling Volunteers - Contact our Risk Management Department
  • Locate & visit a Certifix Live Scan location near you. You can visit the Certifix website for the nearest location.
  • Upload the live scan copy to LIVE SCAN.

Important Deadlines

  • Employees (Pastors, Conference Personnel, Locally Funded Employees)
    • September 29, 2023

Consequences of Non-Compliance

  • Violations for Mandated Reporters (civil and criminal penalties)
  • Inability to lease or use 3rd party facilities
  • Potential lawsuits with high punitive damages (generally not insured - can leave church exposed and responsible for $$$ )
  • Employment with SECC - disciplinary action, including holding back of youth funds, administrative leave, and/or up to termination.
  • Jeopardizes child safety – protecting our children is the highest priority

Two Adult Rule

  • “To the greatest extent possible, the presence of at least two mandated reporters whenever administrators, employees, or volunteers are in contact with, or supervising, children.”
  • Rationale
    • Increase accountability and decrease isolation – avoid the one-on-one interactions between a single adult and child
    • Benefits of having two sets of adult eyes in any given situation with a child – additional supervision
    • Significantly reduces the risk of an incident of abuse (i.e., grooming)
    • Protects against false accusations or allegations
    • Reduces liability and a potential claim of negligence
    • Offers additional help in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Unclear whether law requires two mandated reporters be on premises, or actively supervising that activity
  • Volunteers (Level 1 or 2) are not considered mandated reporters at this time.
  • Important to meet the underlying principles and apply with consistency.
    • During busier times, ask church to assign another qualified employee to assist temporarily
    • Make sure activities in the room are visible (large windows in doors and walls, leave doors open if no windows, install doors with glass windows, or have glass windows put into doors)
    • Practice close monitoring and patrolling by a mandated reporter (”Supervising and walking around”)
    • Sporadic visits from pastoral staff and supervisors/directors (“Drop ins”)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are training certificates completed with another organization valid for employees/volunteers at our church so they don’t have to re-take the training?

No – there are no exceptions. They will have to take the training again when starting their engagement with SECC.

What about those have already had a prior background check via Live Scan?

There is no exception under the statute for someone who had prior background check done, even if Live Scan. One cannot use the background check performed by another entity. You must rerun the search under our Live Scan account and ORI number.

Do only new employees and new volunteers need to undergo the fingerprinted Live Scan?

AB506 requires that all administrators, employees and regular volunteers shall undergo the Live Scan background check, regardless of when they undertook their respective role.

Do all employees, regardless of their interaction(s) with children, need to take the mandated reporter training?

Yes, this is a requirement for all employees of SECC, whether they work with children or not.

What if someone refuses to get a Background Check?

You cannot continue to employ or engage the services of an individual who refuses to comply with the law.

Are all SECC employees, including locally funded employees, required to meet AB506 requirements or just the employees that interact with children/youth?

All employees are required to meet the requirements of AB506 regardless of role or extent of interaction with children. A paid administrator, and any employee of a youth organization shall complete training in child abuse and neglect identification and training in child abuse and neglect reporting.

If I have been Live Scanned already to serve at an SECC School, do I need to go through another Live Scan background check for the church or visa versa?

No, if you have completed a Live Scan for the SECC Office of Education, you do not have to complete one again for our churches. Please let the HR Department know and we will confirm with the Office of Education.


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