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Dear Future Church...

Dear Future Church Video Challenge is an ode to the future, where churches can share the wisdom, the lessons, the joys and perhaps the pains of today to help the church of the tomorrow.  You can share the stories of the past–stories of triumphs or of troubles, of programs going right or of potlucks gone wrong. Videos can be serious or humorous, inspirational, or just entertaining.

The Process


Create a video (two minutes or less) that visually shares something with your future church. Get creative! What do you want to tell your future church? Make sure to download our end slate to insert at the end of your video. 

Download End SlateOfficial Rules


Upload your video to your church's YouTube account and fill out the entry form below. Only one submission is allowed per church. The submission deadline is Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 11:59 P.D.T.

Entry FormPublicity Release TemplatePublicity Release Template for Minors


After the first round of judging, the top 5 videos will be eligible for the Audience Choice award. These 5 videos are published here on this page so you can vote for your favorite! Audience Choice Award voting will be open from November 6 to November 13, 2022.


The judges panel will select the Grand Prize winner ($1,000) and the Honorable Mention winner ($250). The Audience Choice winner ($500) will be selected by popular vote. We encourage all entrants to attend the Media Mob dinner on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM PDT at the SECC office where the winners will receive their awards. 

RSVP to the Media Mob Dinner

The Prizes

SECC is excited to offer three awesome prizes for this challenge! Our judges panel will select the Grand Prize winner and the Honorable Mention winner. The Audience Choice winner will be selected by popular vote from the top 10 finalist videos. Anyone can vote, so make sure you share the voting link with your friends, family, and church members when voting opens!

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000. Selected by judges.

Audience Choice

The Audience Choice winner will receive $500. Selected by popular vote from the top 10 finalists.

Honorable Mention

The Honorable Mention winner will receive $250. Selected by judges.

The Judges

Michael Dauncey

Creative Director; It Is Written Canada

Bryant Taylor

Communication Director; Southern Union Conference

Araya Moss

Communication Specialist; Southern California Conference

Kevin Wilson

Digital & Social Media Coordinator; Andrews University Office of University Communication

Yara Enamorado

Assistant Director of Community Engagement & Communication; Pacific Union Conference


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We don't have a lot of video equipment. Where do we start? 

A: Churches are free to use any equipment they have at their disposal, whether that's an iPhone or a Blackmagic camera. 

Q: Who can be in the video? 

A: You can ask anyone to be the star of the show as long as you obtain video release forms from them. All persons appearing in your video must sign a video release form.

Q: Can I use footage from past events or projects? 

A: No, we are looking for original content! Entries may not have previously published, submitted, distributed, or aired footage prior to the submission for this contest. 

Q: How does the judging work? 

A: There will be two rounds of judging. All entries will be judged, and the top ten finalists will be selected. In the second round, judges will select the Grand Prize Winner and the Honorable Mention winner from the top ten. The Audience Choice winner will also be selected from the top ten finalists through online voting at Voting will be open November 6 to November 13. 

Q: When will the winners be announced? 

A: All winners will be announced at the Media Mob Dinner on Tuesday, November 15 at 7 PM at the SECC office. Winners will also be announced on the SECC social media accounts on November 15th after they have been awarded at the dinner. We encourage all entrants to have a representative at this dinner. 

Q: Can a church win the Audience Choice award and the Grand Prize or Honorable Mention? 

A: In order to recognize as many churches as possible for their awesome work, we will only grant one prize per church. If an entry is selected by the judges for the Grand Prize or Honorable Mention and also wins the popular vote for the Audience Choice award, the entry will receive the prize with the higher cash amount, and the judges will award the other prize to the entry with the next best scores (either in the judged category or voting category, depending on which prize is forfeited by the winning entry). 

Q: I have another question!

A: Email us at

The Legal Things

For the Official Rules, please click here.

Please read over the rules carefully to ensure your submission will be eligible, including these basics:

  • Only one entry allowed per church.
  • Videos must be completely original—no previously used or filmed footage or videos may be in the submission.
  • Any music included must be either royalty-free, in the public domain, or an original piece written by team members and not previously published, performed or distributed.
  • Videos must be in English or include English subtitles. 
  • No foul language, third-party logos, or copyrighted material permitted. 


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